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The pit falls of AI Generated applications in Graduate Applications

One of the primary concerns is the lack of personalization. Graduate applications often require a unique touch that reflects the applicant's personality, experiences, and aspirations. AI-generated content can sometimes come across as generic and fail to capture the individuality that admissions committees are looking for.

Another issue is the potential for inaccuracies. AI systems can produce errors or include irrelevant information, which could negatively impact the applicant's chances.

Over-reliance on AI can lead to a lack of critical thinking and self-reflection. The process of writing personal statements and essays is an opportunity for applicants to deeply consider their motivations and goals. Bypassing this process with AI assistance might result in a less thoughtful and compelling application.

The ethical implications cannot be ignored. Using AI to generate application materials could be seen as dishonest or inauthentic, potentially undermining the integrity of the application process.

Moreover, there is the issue of transparency. Many AI-driven applications operate as "black boxes," making it difficult for users to understand how decisions are made. This lack of clarity can erode trust and make it challenging for candidates to contest or understand why they were not selected for a position.

Another significant pitfall is the over-reliance on these technologies, which can sometimes overlook the nuanced and subjective aspects of human capabilities that are not easily quantifiable. Soft skills like empathy, creativity, and interpersonal communication might not be adequately assessed by AI, potentially leading to the dismissal of highly qualified candidates whose strengths lie in these areas.

(the above article was generated using AI)

Advice for students considering using AI (written by a human)

AI can be a wonderful tool, but tread carefully it is often obvious when AI has generated your response or application. Key give aways include an over use of adjectives, unusual use of word placement and the “US ” spelling. Whilst it can answer a question it lacks the knowledge of your personal story and how you came to have the knowledge and understanding you posses. We want to see and get to know the imperfect you rather than the “so -called” perfect AI.

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