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If you are a member of the API, or your company is, it's important to understand what we are doing in the power sector and how you can get involved.

In achieving our mission to develop the future workforce for the Australian power sector, the API’s activities range from inspiring primary school students with teacher-led STEM programs to developing industry professionals with the famous API Summer School.

The API’s activities sit in 7 major portfolios, with a range of different programs within each portfolio.

This Activity Overview document provides an overview of the specific programs and the associated opportunities for staff at API member organisations and students and academics at our universities to get involved. We are working with our members and partner institutions to develop a Member Activity Plan (MAP) that identifies what success looks like for your organisation and defines a plan to make it happen (a MAP to success).


As The Australian Power Institute (API) is constantly working to support the education and professional development of engineers & technologists in the energy industry across Australia, API offers Energy Industry Bursaries to engineering & technology students with an interest in areas of engineering relevant to the electric power industry. See more here.


The API Summer School+ Program builds your technical, strategic and leadership knowledge and connect with experts, executives and other emerging leaders in the power sector and strengthen your ability to make significant contributions to our sector and your organisation's future. See more here.


The POWERful Women Leadership Program (PWLP) is a unique new power sector-oriented program that will develop the next generation of female leaders for the Australian power sector. See more here.

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The Australian Power Institute undertakes a number of innovation projects each year, commonly alongside our members and partners. Read more here.


The Australian Power Institute undertakes a number of workforce projects each year, commonly alongside our members and partners. Read more here.


The power industry offers a huge range of career opportunities that not only provides an essential service to local communities but is integral to the future of the Australian landscape. See what we have on offer to support a career into the industry.

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