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Are you interested in learning more about the exciting and fulfilling job opportunities in the Australian electricity sector?

The Australian Power Institute is a national organisation that works towards developing the workforce to deliver the power engineering projects that underpin Australia's energy future. Power jobs that are linked to providing clean energy to our communities, to helping reduce our contribution to climate change, or working with some of the most advanced technologies going around.

Sign up to the API’s Electrify your Future mailing list below. We will help you understand why a career in the Australian electricity industry is a POWERFUL choice to make!

The API will support you in your journey by providing helpful hints, ideas to ponder, opportunities to strengthen your skills, and knowledge to build your understanding of a career that will not only be extremely rewarding, but improves the communities within Australia. What you'll get when you sign up:

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Want to see MORE of what a career in the power industry offers? Visit our POWER CAREERS WEBPAGE for profiles and information from those studying towards and working in the industry.

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