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Swiping right: How to Find the Perfect Grad Role Match

Updated: Feb 16

Finding a graduate role and the right graduate candidate can sometimes feel like an episode of MAFS. Each party trying to get to know each other and seeing if they're a match; all in a foreign and often staged environment. Each of you trying to put your best foot forward, trying to attract talent that will help your organisation grow, and students hoping that they will find an organisation that they like and can see themselves growing in.

If we were to treat the process like a dating profile, what would you include in the profile and what is each party looking for?

The API recently hosted our first 'Inside Industry Webinar' where we facilitated a panel of industry HR, recruitment and talent specialists, and asked the burning questions many students have facing Graduate Application time. Out of these questions came our dating profiles:

Graduate Employers

The Graduate employer is seeking...

  • A Graduate that is a problem solver 🧩

  • Is passionate about the power sector

  • Shows resilience in the workplace

  • Has authentic responses, not AI Generated (ps. we can tell)

  • Is on time and understands a deadline

  • Is actively involved in extra curricular activities like the API

  • Takes the time to fill in their application and check they have the right documents

  • Looking for commitment! 🤝


Open to opportunities...❤️

  • I’m looking for an organisation that's open and transparent about the process. I want to know all the steps before I commit

  • I want to be proud of our relationship and feel like we have a good culture 🌍

  • Talk to me, send me a message to let me know how things are going - Don’t ghost me after our first connection

  • Show me that you're interested in me and have a plan for what our first couple of years look like - I’m looking for someone to challenge me and help me grow

  • I don’t want to grow stagnant, I am looking for an organisation that has opportunities to progress

  • Looking for someone who sees the value I bring and will remunerate it accordingly

We often get caught in the trap of thinking about what we are looking for, but to get the most out of the Graduate Program it is important that both parties consider what the other is looking for so you can both put your best foot forward and find your perfect match!

To learn more about graduate employment opportunities watch our 'Inside Industry - Get the grad role webinar' here:

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