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Exploring the Impact of Engineering on Australia's Economy and Global Influence

Updated: Apr 17

🌟 The API was represented recently by CEO Dr David Pointing at the Engineers Australia "Listening Session" in Hobart - an opportunity for EA members to share what they think are the key issues facing the profession and where EA can play a role.

Hosted by Darren Beattie, Tasmanian General Manager, along with EA CEO Romilly Madew AO FTSE HonFIEAust EngExec and National President Dr. Raj Aseervatham, the event was well-attended by members of Tasmania's engineering community.

David's feedback was that the session provided powerful insights, particularly from Dr. Aseervatham on how engineering drives a substantial portion of our economy—45% across five major sectors—and significantly influences Australia’s high standing in the global Human Development Index. Whilst the energy sector is a smaller contributor of economic value relative to segments such as mining and manufacturing, it does play an invaluable role in enabling the economy and the quality of life for all Australians.

The open discussion highlighted critical topics like engineering sector workforce challenges in Tasmania and nationwide, discussing the pipeline for new engineers and the need for greater diversity - elements that are clearly of importance for the API and our members.

A significant concern raised was the rapid promotion of young engineers to senior roles, which might limit their opportunity to gain a broad range of experience and wisdom - an area where the API is already working to address, including in collaboration with Engineers Australia, with our Executive Insights program and linked EA/API Graduate Learning Program for Power & Renewable Energy. Both program support early career and mid career professionals to develop their strategic technical knowledge and skills in the power sector.

In David's view, it is sessions like these that continue to shape and inspire our engineering community, and we are looking forward to more such impactful gatherings with our colleagues at Engineers Australia!

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