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The API's Executive Insights program in a unique program that raises awareness of the strategic challenges and opportunities in the power sector, and shares the leading thinking on how we can all take action.

It leverages the API’s strong relationships with leading organisations in the power sector, and on a practical level, benefits from the significantly increased access to senior leaders that has been made possible in recent years.

Learn more about the program, what to expect and the outcomes in our Professional Programs Booklet.

The Executive Insights modules are linked to, and occur before the API's flagship residential 2-week Summer School and the issues raised by the Executives become the focus of discussion and the Strategic Challenge activities during the school.

Read the Executive Insight Challenges and responses from the 2023 Summer School+ Delegates.


The live presentations on the Exec Insights Challenge Questions by the Summer School participants are viewed by a live audience of 100+ people and broadcast to a broader online audience (some viewed live and through recordings). 

Providing this option allows participants of the Executive Insights program (who don’t attend the full Summer School)  to hear from current leaders who they may not otherwise connect with.


such as the Early Career stream participants in the Powerful Women Leadership Program or the graduates, PhDs and early career academics in the Exec Insights Early Career Stream.

These participants also benefit from the API’s ‘vertical integration’ of current leaders and the next generation of leaders who attend the Summer School, gaining access to the further input and analysis from these operational leaders in power sector organisations (Summer School participants are predominantly technical team members with 5-15 years experience).


Who is the Executive Insights program for?

The Exec Insights program is embedded into the API's Summer School program and by association into the Powerful Women Leadership Program's Professional stream (which includes the Summer School).


It is also a core part of the Powerful Women Leadership Program's Early Career Stream for grads and undergrads (who attend the end of the Summer School and watch the live presentations at the School). 

Early Career Stream (EI - ECS)

The API's Executive Insights Early Career Stream program is a unique new program for graduates, PhD candidates and early career professionals that raises awareness of the strategic challenges and opportunities in the power sector, and shares the leading thinking on how we can all take action.


​Key parts of the Early Career Stream include: ​

  • Participate in 10x 30 minute sessions with industry execs on strategic challenges and opportunities, with Q&A (online Executive Insights sessions).

  • View live online 4 hours of presentations by mid career future leaders in response to the Exec’s key challenges (via webinar).

  • Access to 10 written Board Briefs from mid career emerging leaders, including skills needed to address the strategic challenges.

  • Support to self-assess skills linked to the Briefs and to create a personal development plan

  • Q&A session with the mid career teams on their Board Briefs and presentations

  • Access to an exclusive community of 100+ others all focused on the 2023 Exec Insights

PhD Scholarships

The API is passionate about connecting Australia’s future teaching and research leaders to the insights of Australia’s power industry leaders on the strategic challenges and opportunities for the sector and how to approach these issues from a leadership mindset.


Registrations are normally $1650, but the API is offering 20x $1550 scholarships for PhD candidates and Early Career Academics at Australian universities to participate in the online-only modules of the Executive Insights program in 2023.


​We are asking for a contribution of only $100 (inc GST) per candidate by the host institution.


​You can register by purchasing an individual ticket online or by sending information for multiple staff to the API team and we'll invoice you.​

Complimentary registrations for API members

Registration is valued at $1200+ per participant, but we are offering API member organisations complimentary registrations for the inaugural 2023 program (Governor: 10x, Principal: 6x, Industry member: 2x registrations). Nominations will be sought directly from our key contacts at each of our 20+ member organisations in the lead up to starting in February 2023.


We are also exploring offering $1100+ scholarships to PhD candidates and early career academics to participate in the EI-ECS to strengthen their knowledge of contemporary industry issues and their future career pathways.

Expressions of interest in the PhD scholarships can be made here.

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