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2023 Executive Insights speakers:

WED, 15 FEB Brett Redman, CEO, Transgrid + 

Kelly Wood, EGM Network Delivery & Services, Ausgrid

WED, 1 MAR Peter Price, EGM Engineering, Energy Queensland + Renee Anderson, Executive - People, TasNetworks

WED, 15 MAR Scott Ryan, Chief Asset and Operating Officer, Endeavour Energy + tba

WED, 29 MAR Ben Stanton, A/Executive Manager Growth, Western Power + Stewart Bell, Executive General Manager Network and Business Development, Powerlink Queensland

WED, 19 APR Heidi Sick, Industry Director, Energy - Australia & New Zealand, Aurecon + Merryn York, Executive General Manager System Design, AEMO

2022 groups in response to Exec Insights Challenges:

Group 1

Group 2

Group 3

Group 4

Group 5

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The API's Executive Insights program in a unique new program that raises awareness of the strategic challenges and opportunities in the power sector, and shares the leading thinking on how we can all take action.


It leverages the API’s strong relationships with leading organisations in the power sector, and on a practical level, benefits from the significantly increased access to senior leaders that has been made possible in recent years (thanks COVID!).

Using Zoom to informally connect power sector leaders to a broad national audience of current and future leaders, the 30 min ‘fireside chat’ sessions provide high level insights to the challenges and opportunities facing the sector and to the personal methods and mindsets our leaders use when developing solutions.

The Exec Insights modules are linked to the API's famous residential 2-week Summer School as they occur before the live School and the issues raised by the Execs become the focus of activities at the School (including group projects undertaken by the Summer School participants, which lead to verbal presentations and written Board briefing papers).

This linking of the Summer School and Exec Insights program adds further value for all participants – the Execs are able to inform and influence a broader audience (and elements of an audience they may not usually engage with), and the Summer School attendees gain the benefit of a high level strategic context to the more detailed information explored through the 60+ different speakers that contribute to the Summer School.

Summer School participants also benefit as they are able to focus their collaborative work at the School on timely and significant issues, and have confidence that their efforts will be of interest to a broad range of other stakeholders.

The live presentations on the Exec Insights Challenge Questions by the Summer School participants are viewed by a live audience of 100+ people and broadcast to a broader online audience (viewed live and through recordings). This makes great use of the time and effort they invest in their reports and strengthens the authenticity of their public speaking efforts (and the intensity of the lessons in improving the public speaking and communication skills of our future leaders).

Also the less experienced participants of the Exec Insights program (who don’t attend the full Summer School) are able to hear from current leaders who they may not otherwise connect with - such as the Early Career stream participants in the Powerful Women Leadership Program or the graduates, PhDs and early career academics in the Exec Insights Early Career Stream.

These participants also benefit from the API’s ‘vertical integration’ of current leaders and the next generation of leaders who attend the Summer School, gaining access to the further input and analysis from these operational leaders in power sector organisations (Summer School participants are predominantly technical team members with 5-15 years experience).

Who is the Executive Insights program for?

The Exec Insights program is embedded into the API's Summer School program and by association into the Powerful Women Leadership Program's Professional stream (which includes the Summer School).


It is also a core part of the Powerful Women Leadership Program's Early Career Stream for grads and undergrads (who attend the end of the Summer School and watch the live presentations at the School). 

As the API is passionate about connecting Australia’s emerging and future power engineering workforce to the insights of Australia’s power sector industry leaders on the strategic challenges and opportunities for the sector and how to approach these issues from a leadership mindset, we are looking at ways to include more people in the Exec Insights program.

In 2023 we are we are offering graduates, PhD candidates and early career academics the opportunity to join the API’s new online-only Executive Insights-Early Career Stream (EI-ECS).


This will enabling online participation directly in the Executive Insights program and include some additional activities to support career development for early career professionals.

Complimentary registrations for API members in 2023 (and scholarships for PhDs)


Registration is valued at $1200+ per participant, but we are offering API member organisations complimentary registrations for the inaugural 2023 program (Governor: 10x, Principal: 6x, Industry member: 2x registrations). Nominations will be sought directly from our key contacts at each of our 20+ member organisations in the lead up to starting in February 2023.


We are also exploring offering $1100+ scholarships to PhD candidates and early career academics to participate in the EI-ECS to strengthen their knowledge of contemporary industry issues and their future career pathways.

Expressions of interest in the PhD scholarships can be made here.


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