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Australian Power Institute Summer School 2024 - Limited Spots Available!

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The Australian Power Institute (API) is thrilled to announce that the Summer School 2024 program is quickly approaching (with our Executive Insights starting in November), and the response has been overwhelming. With only a few spots remaining, we urge all interested individuals to take action promptly. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to advance your career and gain invaluable insights into the dynamic world of power engineering.

The Australian Power Institute Summer School 2024 promises to be an exceptional event, bringing together industry experts, aspiring professionals, and future leaders in the power sector.

Join us in 2024 to experience our enhanced program featuring online senior executives’ sessions, and the highly regarded 2-week residential school in lutrawita / Tasmania in February 2024. Build your technical, strategic and leadership knowledge and connect with experts, executives and other emerging leaders in the power sector and strengthen your ability to make significant contributions to our sector and your organisation's future. Program dates:

How to register:

  1. Contact Emily Marschke for more information about the program or download the Professional Programs Booklet.

  2. Submit your order using the PDF Purchase Order Form

  3. Registration numbers are limited, so register spaces now for your team.

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