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Attention emerging talent!

We are thrilled to highlight that the API member cohort has never been so diverse and eager for new talent than it is right now.

With 20 industry leading companies, across many different facets of the industry (including generation/transmission, retailing, manufacturing, renewables, regulation, consulting, etc), this year is shaping up to be one of the most exciting times for emerging talent entering the industry.

Past student alumni continuously report that one of the most valuable perks of joining the API Bursary program as an Undergrad, is the varied exposure students’ achieve across API’s member companies through networking and carrying out work placements. This allows students to apply their theoretical knowledge learnt from university and get a jump start on building practical skills across different businesses.

These experiences are highly valued by our member companies as it allows their leadership teams an opportunity to inspire the next generation and establish connections with potential future talent.

What our Bursary Alumni had to say:

“The API provides framework to introduce students to the power industry, present them with opportunities to gain first-hand experience and to help better inform future career decisions. I consider myself very fortunate to have been a part of this program as I recognise that I would not be this far ahead in my career without it.”

“The API assisted me to secure opportunities to work alongside professional engineers in the industry which provided the greatest benefit to my studies and future of my career. The concepts I learnt at University were then put into practical scenarios during my work experiences, which was invaluable.”

“As an API Bursary Holder, I learnt an incredible amount about the workforce, the practicalities of engineering design/implementation and so much more that I will never forget. I also gained confidence and matured as an individual in the workforce a lot quicker than some of my peers.”


STEP 1: Scan the QR code below to express interest in applying for the API Bursary or visit

STEP 2: Prepare application. STEP 3: Complete and submit online application. Please note that the closing date for applications is FRIDAY, 28 APRIL 2023!

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