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API Summer School 2023 Presentations on Strategic Challenges

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

The API invites you to join us online on 11 May 2023 to hear from the next generation of the power sector's leaders (participants in the API's annual Summer School) as they share their recommendations in response to the Strategic Challenge Questions posed by the 10x Executives in our Executive Insights series.

Our ~45 Summer School participants will present in project groups, sharing their thinking on and recommendations for actions in response to the 10x Strategic Challenges posed by the Execs from the power sector’s leading organisations.

They’ll also share their insights on the workforce and skills gaps related to the strategic challenges and their suggestions for professional development activities that early career professionals could pursue so they too can contribute to the challenges and opportunities.

You can watch all 10x presentations, or just focus on the groups that interest you (the Challenge Question topic, or the participants in each group). You can watch live – and submit questions live via - or review the recorded presentations later. Register now and we’ll send you the Zoom link and the specific timings for each Summer School group (and who is in each group) closer to 11 May 2023.

Our Summer School participants will present for 15 mins per group, in their 'Syndicate Project' groups of 4-5 people, based on their discussions and collaborations during the 2-weeks of the residential Summer School. Their presentation, and linked written Board Briefing Memo, will cover:

  1. An Executive Summary of the Challenge and your response

  2. What are the major factors contributing to the Challenge?

  3. What are the major issues and stakeholders impacted by the Challenge?

  4. What is the current state of play?

  5. What are your recommendations for action (and for which stakeholders)?

  6. What workforce and skills gap issues can you identify and any suggestions for remediating actions by individuals (e.g., grads, students, PhDs) and organisations/employers and/or universities?

The presentations will be shared online live as a webinar and will be available as a recording after the live sessions.

Register now for the presentation sessions - the specific timings for groups that will be responding to each of the 10x different Challenge Question topics, as posed by our 10x Executive Insights speakers, are detailed below. The names of the individual speakers (the people in the Summer School groups) will be available after 1 May 2023 (the Summer School participants will share their preferences for which topic they wish to explore after all 10 Exec speakers have completed their Insights sessions in April 2023).

Who are our Executive Insights speakers and what are their Strategic Challenge Questions?

What is the timing of the presentation in response to the Strategic Challenge Questions?

and have a great day!

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