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"There is no gender monopoly on the skills needed in the industry. By having a workforce with diverse perspectives and experiences, we fuel innovation and innovation is exactly what this industry will be reliant on for generations to come."

Liana Lidden-Verney

Project Delivery Coordinator

WHO ARE THEY: A mother, wife, career professional and mature-age student, my life so far has been rich with experience. From building a diverse career in a number of different industries to living in Asia and all across Australia, adventures, you could say I have had a few. But, it was a desire to follow my dreams and secure my son's future that led me to university. My family, university, the API, and my employer Powerlink, have been pillars of support to me and allow me to (attempt to) balance motherhood, work, and studies. I'm living proof that it's never too late to feed your soul and embark on a new journey.

Liana Lidden-Verney

KEY STRENGTHS: I pride myself on my interpersonal skills, which allow me to create strong relationships in teams. My passion, enthusiasm and diverse life experiences help me facilitate effective leadership, where I strive to bring out the best in others.


There are so many jobs to choose from: The power industry isn't just about fixing power lines. It's massive and has loads of cool jobs like designing solar panels, managing wind farms, working with smart grids, or electric vehicles. It's great for people who want to work with their hands through to those that want to be in an office - there's something for everyone. We are saving the planet: With climate change, we need clean energy now more than ever. If you work in the power industry, especially in renewables, you could help save the planet. Tech & Innovation: If you love tech and innovation, you'll find a lot of it here. You might work on the latest battery tech for storing energy or on smart systems that control the flow of electricity. Future-Proof/Job Stability: With global energy needs increasing, there will always be a need for power industry professionals. The world will always need power, so jobs in this industry are usually pretty secure. Skill Up: You'll gain a ton of skills in this field. Not just the techy stuff, but you'll also learn about economics, laws, and how to lead projects. Study: Many jobs in the power industry require a trade certificate or a degree in something like engineering or environmental science. It's not easy, but if you enjoy these subjects, it can be a great fit! Just remember to explore and see what grabs your interest. This field can be challenging but also very rewarding. You can make a real difference in people's lives and the health of our planet.
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My Journey

Where it all started for me

As a child from the bush, the silhouette of a windmill on the Outback horizon would captivate me; I loved watching them and trying to figure them out. So seeing my first wind turbine amplified the early enchantment into a profound awe. It wasn't just an interest; it was a calling.

The saying goes, "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life." for me, that meant finding a way to work among these incredible machines. I studied Electrotechnology and Sustainability at TAFE the content fueled my curiosity further. I found that the jobs I was interested in called for an Engineering degree. So combining my love of machines and interest in the Power industry, an Electrical and Mechanical Engineering degree seemed like a perfect match.

What did I end up studying?

Studied at Queensland University of Technology

Entering the industry

I love that I am part of something that's changing for the better every day. As an industry, we are solving tricky problems, we're figuring out how to power our world in smarter, cleaner ways and making a real difference to the world and future generations.

My previous work experience

My work placement experience

What I'm doing now

I love travelling and this industry has the potential to take me all over Australia, maybe even the world in the search for innovative energy solutions. And with so many paths to explore in this industry, and each one can lead to something amazing, I'll never be bored, and my skills will always be in demand.

My advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Take advantage of as many work placements and industry speakers at API events as possible - so you can get a good understanding of the many areas you can specialise in.

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Liana Lidden-Verney

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Liana Lidden-Verney

"There is no gender monopoly on the skills needed in the industry. By having a workforce with diverse perspectives and experiences, we fuel innovation and innovation is exactly what this industry will be reliant on for generations to come."

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"There is value in every industry from diversity of thought and one way to bring diversity is employ more women in the workforce. Women bring different values, perspectives and approaches to solve the problems of today and into the future."

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What can I do next?

No matter if you're at high-school or at university, we have great programs and resources to get you started on your journey towards power engineering!

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