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“I asked myself: Do you want to challenge yourself and help lead the change for a cleaner future? I answered yes and chose the power industry.”

Jabez Bullas

API Bursary Recipient (Graduating 2023)

WHO ARE THEY: I’m a final year student undertaking a Bachelor of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at the University of Adelaide. My interest is renewable energy since I’m passionate and excited about a sustainable future where we can manage power more reliably and efficiently. I endeavour to challenge myself and use my talents to best serve the community and people around me.

Jabez Bullas

KEY STRENGTHS: Accountability, Attention to detail, Time management


The power industry is rapidly evolving with many new emerging technologies and issues that didn’t exist a decade ago. Sometimes older solutions are outdated and often there isn’t one clear answer. This is where engineers get involved. The power industry offers vast opportunities to apply technical knowledge and engineering expertise in something rewarding, exciting and everchanging.
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My Journey

Where it all started for me

Completed High School

What did I end up studying?

Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical and Electronic) from the University of Adelaide

Entering the industry

My previous work experience

My work placement experience

A memorable experience was probably the site visits to different substations. It was insightful and beneficial to physically see the equipment. I learned more about the practical systems involved and found it easier to link back to theory and schematics.

What I'm doing now

Upon graduating, I want to work on real-world renewable energy projects which improve the network and accessibility to electricity. I aspire to find a role where I can constantly expand and apply my engineering skills and knowledge.

My advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Take advantage of as many work placements and industry speakers at API events as possible - so you can get a good understanding of the many areas you can specialise in.

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Jabez Bullas

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What can I do next?

No matter if you're at high-school or at university, we have great programs and resources to get you started on your journey towards power engineering!

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