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"Empowering women to work in the power industry is crucial for fostering diversity, innovation, and sustainable development. Their unique perspectives, skills, and contributions are essential in shaping a future energy landscape that is equitable, inclusive, and responsive to the needs of all."

Deepthi Yogiswara

Technology Innovation Engineer

WHO ARE THEY: Hailing from India, came to Australia to pursue my Master's in Electronics Engineering with a main focus on Renewable Energy. During my studies, I had the opportunity to intern at Schneider Electric which gave me a first-hand experience of the real world which got me excited in my career in the power sector. My first job out of university was at Energy Queensland and have stayed in the same company for the past 7 years. During my career, my focus has been in new technology development and deployment.

Deepthi Yogiswara


Communication, Stakeholder Management, Negotiation


To pursue a career in the power industry, explore your interests, focus on STEM subjects, seek relevant education and practical experience, stay updated on industry trends, and develop essential soft skills. This will prepare you for a rewarding and impactful career in sustainable energy.
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My Journey

Where it all started for me

I have been fascinated by the future of renewable energy in Australia. I chose my degree so I can have an impact on our journey towards net zero emissions. My degree had the capability to get a job in this sector and mould me toward innovation and technological advances.

What did I end up studying?

Studied at Griffith University

Entering the industry

The two key exciting aspects about the future of the power industry are the renewable energy revolution, with the growing adoption of clean energy sources, and the technological innovations and digitalization transforming the way electricity is generated, distributed, and consumed. These developments offer the potential for a more sustainable and efficient energy system.

My previous work experience

My work placement experience

What I'm doing now

My advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Take advantage of as many work placements and industry speakers at API events as possible - so you can get a good understanding of the many areas you can specialise in.

How to connect with

Deepthi Yogiswara

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Abby Biles

"As we confront Australia's national skills shortage and the pressure to achieve Net Zero, the inclusion of women in the power industry becomes even more crucial. By leveraging diverse talents and perspectives, we can address these challenges. There are so many incredible women out there who's skills are needed in this space they just need the industry to support them in return."

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Liana Lidden-Verney

"There is no gender monopoly on the skills needed in the industry. By having a workforce with diverse perspectives and experiences, we fuel innovation and innovation is exactly what this industry will be reliant on for generations to come."

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Katrina Thomlinson

"There is value in every industry from diversity of thought and one way to bring diversity is employ more women in the workforce. Women bring different values, perspectives and approaches to solve the problems of today and into the future."

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What can I do next?

No matter if you're at high-school or at university, we have great programs and resources to get you started on your journey towards power engineering!

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