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You found the API at Careers 4 Net Zero - Inspiring the future workforce through Project Energise

What is Project Energise?

The API's PROJECT ENERGISE encompasses all the API’s activities for informing the next generation into being AWARE and EXCITED about the opportunities that are in front of them in the power industry.

For High School students and Parents:

  • View the Career Profiles of students and professionals currently working or studying in the power sector and gain an understanding of what it's really like.

  • Join our Electrify your Future mailing list, which will support you in your journey by providing helpful hints, ideas to ponder, opportunities to strengthen your skills, and knowledge to build your understanding of a career that will not only be extremely rewarding, but improves the communities within Australia.

  • Still not convinced? Read about why we need you in the industry and the opportunities you can expect.

For teachers:

For Professionals:

We all know that as an industry we are facing a significant challenge in attracting the next generation of talent that is needed to manage our future power systems and the API have

been working for years with our member organisations, partners and undergraduate students to inspire the next generation. But we want to achieve more, and we invite you to join us!

We are recruiting volunteer Power Ambassadors from our wonderful community of passionate power professionals so we can ENERGISE the imaginations of Australia’s young people about careers in power. We fully support you in getting out to a school with resources and advice on how to best engage students and share the message of a power career.

Together, we will create awareness and excitement among school students about the challenges and opportunities that exist. We will show them how innovative technologies and approaches are transforming the industry, from renewable energy to smart grids, from energy storage to electric vehicles.

For more information on how we are inspiring and energising the future generation and the programs and activities we have for Primary School, High School and University students, please visit or contact API Engagement Manager, Stephanie Somerville.

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