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The API's End of Year Review - 2023

Where to start with our summary of 2023? It has been a whirlwind of a year and jammed pack with all the wonderful activities and initiatives we undertake to develop the future workforce for the power sector.

This year has been filled with connections, contributions and collaborations as we have continued to run our Summer School+, POWERful Women Leadership Program, our Bursary Program (now called PowerUp Scholarship Program), Executive Insights, introduced Project Energise (STEM engagement initiatives), built upon graduate offerings as well as working alongwise our members to develop their workforce needs.

Have a look below at the work we are really proud of and how it all aligns with the API's long term strategic goals.

As always we thank our 20 amazing industry leading members and the representatives we deal with daily. We would also like to thank our power sector community and everyone who has been involved in our successes this year.

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