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The API attends Australian Energy Week and Machines 2024 Conference 

The API has been a consistent presence at the Australian Energy Week and Machines 2024 conference for the third consecutive year. This event offers a valuable opportunity to engage with our members, address the strategic and technical challenges faced by the industry, and share insights with the wider community. 

Prior to the conference, we hosted a Meet and Greet at the AEMO Melbourne office for member CEOs and executives to discuss current workforce challenges and how the API can assist through its programs. This gathering was a positive and insightful evening with prominent figures in the power industry. 

Australian Energy Week: CEO's Meet & Greet

The Australian Power Institute is dedicated to highlighting the importance of conferences to the younger generation of students and graduates embarking on their careers in the power sector. We encouraged students to join us in the expo area using complimentary daily passes to enhance their networking skills and learn from industry suppliers and service providers. 

During the conference, a panel session titled 'How the incoming power workforce (undergraduates and graduates) view the industry' was held. We welcomed two recent graduates, Aparna Subramaniam and Pedro Campos Deveza e Silva from Powercor and AEMO respectively and RMIT PhD Student Parisa Nikdel to share their experiences of entering the industry and their advice to the older generation who support and develop them. 

The discussion revolved around the challenges they face in acquiring a diverse skill set and finding adequate mentorship. The panel also highlighted positive encounters and their enthusiasm for an industry eager to embrace new talent. 

Undergraduate and Graduate Panel at Australian Energy Week Expo 2024

API CEO David Pointing commenced Day 2 of Machines 2024 with the opening address, chaired the day, and moderated a session on 'How is the energy transition and electrification of everything impacting the engineering workforce?' This session sparked a compelling conversation on how companies are attracting and retaining new talent while ensuring that fundamental power engineering principles are still taught and embraced to accelerate the transition. 

Machines Panel 2024

The API utilised our time at the conference to engage with numerous members in our community and reinforce our commitment to fostering education and professional development for dedicated emerging power professionals. 

Australian Energy Week remains the premier conference for engaging in high-level discussions within the power industry and networking with key stakeholders. 


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