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Support the API's Powerful Women in Leadership: A look at the year ahead

As we continue our journey towards a more inclusive industry, we are proud to highlight the significant accomplishments of the Australian Power Institute's Powerful Women Leadership Program. Over the last three years, this initiative has supported over 200 women in advancing their technical careers within the Australian power sector. This achievement is a testament to our collective commitment and the robust support system we've cultivated.

Looking ahead to 2025, we are excited to offer a suite of enhanced and expanded opportunities designed to empower more women in our sector, and we call on you for support in identify participants in your organisation for these programs.

All participants in any of these programs will also be part of the year-long online Powerful Women Leadership Program, which offers career development support, a vibrant online community for networking, monthly mingle sessions with guest speakers, and opportunities to inspire the next generation through school outreach initiatives.

1. Powerful Women Undergraduate Program: Sponsor an undergraduate student in this transformative program, which includes a live 4-day Retreat. You can nominate a student, or we can recruit one on your behalf.

2. Powerful Women Graduate Stream (1-3 Years Experience) and

3. Powerful Women Emerging Leaders Stream (4-6 Years Experience): Support women graduates through programs tailored to early and mid-career professionals. These programs include the additional opportunity to complete the linked online programs delivered by Engineers Australia.

4. Powerful Women Professional Summer School Stream: This includes our famous 2- week immersive, residential Summer School program, part of our comprehensive effort to strengthen technical and strategic skills.

All programs include the API’s online Executive Insights Series: valuable to professionals at any career stage, this series offers key insights and strategies from senior industry leaders and recommendations on how to develop the next generation to support our biggest challenges and opportunities.

In the next few months, we will be releasing the finer details of these programs and urge each of you to promote these opportunities within your organisations and encourage more female professionals to register. By doing so, we not only meet international standards but also enhance the innovative capacity and resilience of our sector through diversity.

Together, we can continue to lead the Australian power sector towards a more inclusive and equitable future. Thank you for your continued support and commitment to this essential cause.

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