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Project Energise Update - August 2023

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

We have had an encouraging uptake on the POWER AMBASSADOR program as part of our Project Energise announcement, and along with that many questions around the process, length of time and further involvement.

We have therefore decided to host a live webinar (which will be recorded) on Tuesday 19th September from 3pm that will answer all those frequently asked questions.

Questions such as:

  • What is Project Energise?

  • How long will the whole process take to sign up?

  • What’s do I need to do for the online Project Energise Volunteer course?

  • How can I get other team members involved?

  • How do I contact a school and what do I say?

  • We have STEM activities at work, how can I integrate them in with being a POWER AMBASSADOR?

  • What resources do you have available?

If you would like to join our Project Energise FAQ Webinar, register here:

It is so amazing to see the amount of passionate power professionals (try saying that three times fast) who are exited to be involved in the promotion and education of our industry to the younger generation.

For more information on Project Energise and the POWER AMBASSADOR program (and our other initiatives) visit our website here.

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