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POWERful Women Leadership Program - August 2023

The POWERful Women Leadership Program is powering along with over 80 women participating. June saw us celebrating International Women in Engineering Day with our POWERful Women cohort, alumni and friends. We had the pleasure of hearing from Dr Jenny Reisz and Alrum Wigand, both exceptional technical and innovation-aligned leaders, who just happen to be a female. We were joined by a live online audience of over 65 people, who were lucky enough to both ask questions of our speakers and join our small group discussions following the presentations. For those of you who could not attend on the day, please enjoy the recorded discussions on leadership, managing career progression and the recommendations from the perspective of women in the power sector.

Have you registered for the next POWERful Women 'open-to-all' monthly meeting? As the name suggests, it's open to all professionals and students in the power industry community. The API's Powerful Women Leadership program hosts 'Monthly Mingles' for discussions on leadership, managing career progression and thriving in career and leadership roles from the perspective of women in the power sector.

Register your attendance for the October event here:

These one-hour-long online sessions will include the below speakers and small group discussions facilitated by the Powerful Women Leadership Program participants. We look forward to hearing from: Jennifer Hughes, General Manager of Operational Planning - Network, Transgrid Anna Collyer, Chair, Australian Energy Market Commission and Jane MacMaster, Chief Engineer, Engineers Australia.

We want Mentors!

Last month we welcomed our 2023 POWERful women to Mentorloop and while they are filling up their profiles, we are inviting industry professionals (like you!) to be part of the POWERful Women Leadership Program as a 1-on-1 online mentor. Invest 1 hour or have multiple sessions with multiple mentees; it's up to you!

We use the fantastic Mentorloop online platform to connect our mentors and mentees, and you take it from there (with support from us). Meet online, in person, or by phone - we are flexible with your availability. Register now to be part of the PWLP as a 1-on-1 mentor throughout 2023, and beyond if you wish.

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