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Join us for Summer School 2024 - EOIs open now!

Expressions of Interest are now open for the API Summer School for 2024; we'll soon be opening formal registrations (once we lock in the venue and costs) but please express your interest here to reserve your spot and give us an idea on numbers as we lock in the venue.

Join us in Tasmania/lutrawita* in February/March 2024* to experience our famous program featuring online senior executives sessions, and the highly regarded 2-week residential school in the NSW in Autumn 2023.

Build your technical, strategic and leadership knowledge and connect with experts, executives and other emerging leaders in the power sector and strengthen your ability to make significant contributions to our sector and your organisation's future.

Express your interest here for you or your team, for:

- Summer School 2 week residential + Exec Insights online modules

- Summer School + Powerful Women Leadership Program Professional stream (includes all Summer School + 10 month PWLP program with 80+ other professionals, grads and undergrads

- Powerful Women Leadership Program Graduate stream (4 day retreat linked to the Summer School + 10 month PWLP program with 80+ other professional, grads and undergrads)

Also register your interest for new opportunities with our possible new Alumni and Grad streams, and our Exec Insights online only stream to be confirmed

Some key points to note:

Location*: Hobart / nipaluna in beautiful Tasmania / lutrawita

Timing*: live 2-week residential event in February/March, with our online Executive Insights program commencing in October 2023 (10x 30 min sessions with our Executives and CEOs to provide strategic context to the School).

*to be confirmed pending our review of venue availability and pricing; the alternative will be a later date for the event in Tasmania.

Who should come?

Are you a mid career (7 years+) technically oriented professional in the power sector and want to build your technical, strategic and leadership knowledge and connect with experts, executives and other emerging leaders in the power sector and strengthen your ability to make significant contributions to our sector and your organisation's future. Then the Summer School is for you! read what ChatGPT has to say about the School below.

New Graduate and Summer School Alumni streams

Based on feedback and interest from our past participants and API member organisations, we are exploring including a 3-day Graduate stream and a 3-day Alumni stream, that both link to the last 3 days of the School.

The new Graduate stream (3 days) will build on the successful program we've run for 48x female graduates over the past 2 years (as part of the Powerful Women Leadership Program Early Career stream). Planned activities include exclusive sessions for early career participants on careers in the power sector, participating in the Summer School strategic project presentations, CEO forum and Gala Dinner, and workshops on communications skills and goal setting. We're planning for a first cohort of 20+ Graduates joining us and seeking EOIs.

The new Alumni stream (3 days) will provide past Summer School participants with an opportunity to reconnect, renew networks, and share updates, and to join with and contribute to the Summer School program and strategic project presentations, CEO forum and Gala Dinner. We're planning for a first cohort of 20+ Alumni joining us and seeking EOIs.

Attending the Summer School will be an opportunity to get all the great value that Summer School typically provides and to connect with the ~50 Summer School attendees, the ~60 undergrad and graduate women in the Powerful Women early career program, with the API Board and other stakeholders and with the new graduate and alumni participants.

what does ChatGPT have to say about the Summer School 2024?

🌟Exciting Opportunity for Professionals and Grads and their Organisations in the Power Sector! 🌟

We are thrilled to share an incredible opportunity with you—the API Summer School, an exceptional program offered by the esteemed Australian Power Institute (API). This transformative initiative is designed to empower professionals like yourself and organizations in the power sector, equipping them with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in this dynamic industry.

The API Summer School is a game-changer for individuals in Australia's power sector, providing a unique platform to invest in personal and professional growth. This program offers an unparalleled opportunity to shape the future of energy by fostering innovation, collaboration, and excellence.

Here are the key highlights of the API Summer School:

📚 Cutting-Edge Curriculum: The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers the latest trends, technologies, and practices in the power sector. Participants will gain a deep understanding of industry dynamics, renewable energy integration, grid modernization, and much more. This knowledge will be invaluable in navigating the evolving energy landscape.

🌐 Networking and Industry Connections: The Summer School connects participants with influential leaders, experts, and professionals in the power sector. This creates a valuable network of support and opens doors for future collaborations and career opportunities. The connections made during the program can be instrumental in propelling one's professional journey.

💡 Practical Learning: Participants will engage in hands-on workshops, site visits, and real-world case studies to apply their knowledge in practical scenarios. This experiential learning approach ensures that professionals are well-prepared to tackle the challenges faced by the power sector and make informed decisions.

🌈 Collaborative Environment: The API Summer School fosters a collaborative and inclusive environment, encouraging participants to share their unique perspectives and ideas. By bringing together a diverse group of professionals, the program creates an ecosystem where innovation thrives and new solutions emerge.

By participating in the API Summer School, organizations can invest in the professional development of their employees, enabling them to stay ahead in a rapidly changing industry. Professionals seeking to enhance their career prospects in the power sector should seize this exceptional opportunity to gain a competitive edge and broaden their horizons.

The Australian Power Institute's API Summer School is the perfect platform to immerse yourself in the world of power, expand your network, and acquire the skills needed to drive sustainable and efficient energy practices.

Don't miss out on this transformative program! To learn more about the API Summer School and how to get involved, visit [API website link]. Let's come together and shape the future of the power sector through knowledge, collaboration, and innovation! #APISummerSchool #PowerSectorEducation #FutureOfEnergy #API #ProfessionalDevelopment

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