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Get a 'behind the scenes' look into students' experiences in the Power Industry

Mark your 📅 calendars now as the Students in Power Summit is back for 2022 and happening on 7-9th March.

This event is open for ALL students and professionals interested in the ⚡POWER INDUSTRY⚡.

Sign up to attend here (+ you can choose what sessions you want to get involved) –

What is the Students in Power Summit?

The Summit a three day ONLINE conference, full of all the intel you need to start off a successful career in the industry. We have:

🎥 Student Placement Videos – Watch over 30 videos from students on placement. Get a glimpse inside businesses and hear about their experiences. PLUS 🗳️ VOTE ON YOUR FAVOURITE VIDEO!

💻 Industry Info sessions – hear from our Members about what they do and who they want working for them.

🎤 Student Forums – join the discussion with other power students on what’s working for them and how they are making the most of their industry experience.

🏆 API Bursary Process – Learn more about how to apply for a coveted API Bursary AND how to maximise your chance of getting a vac placement in 2022.

I'm studying towards a Power Career, can I be involved?

Of course! Other undergraduate students (non-API Bursary Students), completing a summer work placement in 2021/22, at one of the API’s member organisations (see the list here), are also invited to to submit a video and share their work experience at the summit. If you are interested, please register your interest here.

I work in the industry - can I attend?

All industry professionals are encouraged to attend the Summit, you can explore the short video presentations from the students on their summer work placements, and vote for your favourite video in the People’s Choice Award. The voting period will be open from 5pm on 28 February 2022 until 5pm on 8 March 2022. If you would like to participate and vote in the summit, please register your attendance here.

How do I sign up?

Head over to - and sign up to attend.

Any feedback from last years Summit?

Last years summit was all about sharing the mutual experience of a placement in the power industry and then coming together to build knowledge, networks and understanding benefits not only the students, but industry in providing a community of like-minded professionals who will continue on and develop in the business.

The Summit outcomes were:

  1. Practical experience that embeds theoretical learning

  2. Inspiring further learning when returning to university.

  3. An understanding on their career decisions – do I feel included and inspired (or not)

  4. Tangible ‘future self’ visions.

  5. Foundations built for future professional behaviors and cultures.

The 2021 Students in Power Summit assisted in all five aspects and both students and industry left the summit with knowledge to better improve their experiences for future and inspired to take their power careers to the next level.

We look forward to seeing you online this year!

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