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where is she, our future leader for the power sector? 20 scholarships open for PWLP 2023 undergrads!

To our surprise and consternation, we still have 20 scholarships worth $50K available for undergraduate women to join the 2023 cohort of the Powerful Women Leadership Program.

The API's POWERful Women Leadership Program (PWLP) is a unique new power sector-oriented program that will develop the next generation of female leaders for the Australian power sector.

The Powerful Women program has two streams each year - the Professional stream for ~25 experienced women in technically oriented roles in the power sector, and the Early Career stream for 50+ undergraduates and graduates. Over $300,000 in scholarships are offered each year to support participation on the program.

After a successful launch year in 2022, we have strong applications for the Professional and Graduate scholarships and slots in the program. But, as of mid October 2022, we still have 20x $2500 scholarships available for undergraduate women to participate in the Early Career stream. Where are they, our future leaders for the power sector, and how can we inspire them to apply to this transformative program (and the $50K of scholarships still available)?

We invite eligible undergraduates to apply now for the PWLP Early Career program scholarships - we will be evaluating and allocating scholarships as eligible applications are received and will close of the applications when all the scholarships are allocated.

These scholarships cover the FULL cost of the program and include up to $300 for travel to the live residential retreat component of the program (in Sydney in May 2023).

The PWLP Early Career Program includes activities throughout the year that will support you in exploring and developing a career in the power sector.

Participating in the PWLP Early Career program in 2023 offers:

- Online monthly connections with the ~75 women from across Australia who are all passionate about careers in the power sector (including 20+ grads and 20+ professional women)

- hear from 12x CEOs and senior executives about the challenges and opportunities in the pwoer sector (in our Executive Insights sessions, this alone is worth $1100+).

- connect wtih an industry mentor

- online, on-demand self-study modules to support your personal leadership development

- support and guidance to develop a personal career development plan to secure the empowering career that you aspire to!

- participate in the 4-day PWLP Early Career Retreat (in Sydney in May 2023), which includes connecting with the 50+ mid-career professionals participating in the API Summer School and with sessions with all the Powerful Women Leadership Program participants in 2023.

For further information about the program, check out the PWLP web page or contact the API team.

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