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The API Learning Journal: Bridging the Gap Between Learning and Practical Application

Updated: Oct 19, 2023

The API's Learning Journal is an innovative tool designed to help university students make the transition from tertiary education to practical application in the workforce by providing activities for students to complete during their industry experience placements (typically done over a summer 12-week break).

The API works together with the workplace supervisor to support the completion of the learning journal, in parallel with the student 'working' for their host organisation over the summer and completing meaningful work, and completing any other requirements from the student's university. The framework supports and enriches their placement experience through reflective learning that .

Reflective learning is an essential element of personal and professional development, enabling students to become more self-aware, cultivate critical thinking skills, and enhance their ability to adapt to changing situations.

The API Learning Journal comprises different modules that encourage students to collaborate with others and learn from the diverse skills and experiences of those around them.

By opening themselves up to different career pathways, approaches to industry challenges, and inspiring them on where a career in power can take them.

Throughout the placement period, students work progressively to capture their workplace experience through various mediums, including written summaries and videos that form part of the API's annual Students in Power video competition. These project summaries aim to sharpen the students' communication skills and their ability to convey technical subjects, thereby enabling them to communicate technical problems to the broader community.

This year, the API is introducing a fresh look for the learning journal, integrating it onto our online learning platform The API Academy (hosted on the Thinkific platform).

Not only will students have access to the learning journal, but they will also have access to API learning modules and training, thereby enriching their learning experience.

If you are interested in learning more about the API Learning Journal, please contact Undergraduate Programs Manager, Laura Wong at

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