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PowerChem 2022 - Program released

PowerChem 2022 - a virtual event for all Power Station Personnel - chemists, engineers and related suppliers - 1 to 3 August. Program has been released. Visit the website for additional information: Click here for details


  • KEYNOTE: The latest International Cycle Chemistry Experience for Combined Cycle/HRSG Plants, Barry Dooley, Structural Integrity UK

  • KEYNOTE: Film-Forming Chemicals Research Comparison, Andrew Howell, EPRI USA

  • KEYNOTE: History and developments of direct generator water cooling since its first application 1956 in the UK, Bobby Svoboda, Svoboda Consulting, Switzerland

  • KEYNOTE: History of Australian Power Plant - Chemistry “Lessons from the Past”, Dave Swainsbury, Consultant

  • Overall improved Power and Desal Plant performance applying a cost-effective biofouling control procedure at the seawater intake (cooling) systems, Harry Polman, H2O Biofouling Solutions B V

  • Women, Leadership & the Power Industry [TBC], Kathy Miller, Collabs Scientific Services

  • FFS application at Gladstone Power Station, Jesse Klupfel, NRG Gladstone Operating Services

  • New technology in demin plants, Kai-Uwe Hoehn, KuH2o Water consultancy - IEX, RO, NF, UF

  • CO2 emissions saved by dosing chlorine dioxide into the Liddell CW systems, Peter George, AGL

  • Maintenance Activities vs Water Chemistry, Matt Craven, Southern Company

  • Layup Guidelines for Wet and Dry Storage, Wayne Hill, EnergyAustralia

  • PANEL discussion: PowerChem 2022 community discussions – What does the next PowerChem look like?

  • PANEL discussion: Where is the industry heading (and what this means for power station chemistry)?

  • & Technical presentations from our Platinum Sponsors - Duff & Macintosh, SWAN, Purolite, Water Treatment Services, Nalco Water.

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