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8 POWERful reasons to apply for the API POWERful Women Leadership Program

Participation in the Powerful Women program will strengthen your capability to make impactful contributions in leading our sector and provide invaluable connections, information and inspiration to guide your career progression. You will also get to:

1. Attend the API Summer School + online Executive Insights sessions to boost your knowledge of the strategic technical and market challenges and opportunities involved in transforming Australia's power sector.

2. Build connections with the other 50+ emerging leaders attending the Summer School and the 60+ speakers (industry experts and leaders).

3. Take a leadership role in the Future of the Workforce forum at the API Summer School; 100+ participants will explore the key issues that will shape the development of the power sector workforce and the transformation of Australia’s energy systems.

4. Participate in exclusive online workshops and mentoring that focus on the unique career and leadership pathways in the power sector to inspire your own journey and build your understanding and skills

5. You’ll be supported to create a personal career development plan to sustain your journey to leadership roles in the power sector.

6. Connect with the 50 undergraduate and graduate women also in the PW program, and an opportunity to be part of the POWERful WOMEN’s 3-day Early Career residential leadership retreat

7. Opportunity to shape and feature in the API’s activities to engage and inspire female high school students about careers in the power sector.

8. Contribute to the API’s national forum on Women in Power Engineering for International Women in Engineering Day.

2022 Early Career Participants

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