Colleagues Going Over Plans


Vacation Placements:

Vacation Placement opportunities are made available to 2nd & 3rd bursary holders during the summer semester break, from about October until commencement of studies in February. These placements vary in length from 6-12 weeks, depending on the requirements of each placement and availability of the bursary holder/host organisation.

Application Process:
Bursary Holders will be invited to apply for the Vacation Placement Interview session. A selection panel (consisting of representatives from each organisation looking to hire) will coordinate the interview process.

Please note that in light of the COVID-19 development, API is currently restructuring the timeline of this process. API will be in contact with all API Bursary students and member organisation to advise new plan in May 2020.

Vacation Placement Report:

Students are required to turn in a Vacation Placement Report upon completion of their employment. A guide to writing the report can be found here

See examples of past reports below.

  1. Summary of vacation work for: 2016~2017 API Bursary Holders