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Colleagues Going Over Plans


Vacation Placements:

Vacation Placement opportunities are made available to 2nd & 3rd year (or 4th out of a 5-year degree) bursary holders during the summer semester break, from about November until commencement of studies in February. These placements vary in length from 6-12 weeks, depending on the requirements of each placement and availability of the bursary holder/host organisation.

Application Process:
Bursary Holders will be invited to apply for the Vacation Placement Interview session. A selection panel (consisting of representatives from each organisation looking to hire) will coordinate the interview process.

Vacation Placement Deliverables:

Students are required to submit a Vacation Placement Learning Journal, complete a one-on-one 15-30-minute career mentoring session with their Manager, Senior Lead or Mentor, and record and submit a 3-5-minute video to present and share their experiences working in an API Member Company

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