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- Video Link Submissions

Can you feel the interest building?


You've had the experience, and now others want to hear about it. This is where you upload your YouTube video so we can share it with the world through the Students in Power Summit.


The Summit will feature short (3-5 minute) video presentations from undergraduate students who have worked at API member organisations, including ~30 API Bursary scholarship students, and other students who also did placements at these organisations.

What to include in your video?

Your 3–5 minute recorded presentation should cover:

  1. What did you do? Tell us about your project

  2. What did you learn?

  3. Why are you excited about a career in the power sector?

How to record your video?

Any way you like! You can take whatever approach you wish - speak to the camera, narrate a slide deck slides or photos, etc.,

How and when to share your video?

The deadline for uploading your YouTube video is Friday, 17 February 2023. Create your video any way you want and upload it to YouTube (as public or unlisted video) then copy and paste the URL for the video on the Summit Platform and submit.

What happens next?

The API team will review your video to confirm appropriateness (and the time limit). Assuming there are no issues, we will make it available for viewing and voting from Monday, 27 February 2023 until COB Monday, 6 March 2023. You will then be able to promote your video to your contacts and colleagues during his time.

Optional Video for use on API’s TikTok:

You have the option of making a TikTok video (in portrait mode) approximately 30 seconds long sharing your experiences working with your employer. Please upload your video in public or unlisted mode.

Why get involved?

  1. Exposure – this is a great chance to get exposure across the power sector (fellow students and industry professionals).

  2. Inspire – your stories will help other students get inspired about careers in the power sector (and you'll get inspired by the stories of others from the Summit).

  3. Experience – seize every opportunity to strengthen your skills for communicating effectively (especially online) - good for future video interviews.

  4. Knowledge – you'll learn useful career insights, and you'll help the API and your future employers to better understanding what motivates you and other students.

  5. Treasure – there will over $2500 in cash prizes for student video presentations selected by our panel of Judges and through a People's Choice vote.

What prizes are awarded?

Prizes in the Judges Choice Award

  • 1 x Winner - $500

  • 4 x Finalists - $200

  • 1 x Tiktok Video Winner - $200

  • Spot Prize - $100 (award to participant that has registered and attended the SIP Summit sessions)

**Prizes in the People’s Choice Award

  • 1 x Winner - $500

  • 4 x Finalists - $200 each

*Judged by the API team and industry members.

**Based on voting by the public.

Terms and conditions apply to the competition and voting process.

Video Upload

If you have not yet been invited by the API, we won't be able to accept your Youtube video. However, if you are interested in participating, please complete the EOI form here to confirm your eligibility.

Upload photo (only png, jpg & jpeg files are supported)

Upload File

Duration of your video (mins) - Aim for 3-4 minutes. Please do not go longer than 5 minutes. 

Have you registered to attend the SIP Summit on 7 & 8 March? Click here to register.

Thanks for submitting!

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