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As the key purpose of the API Bursary Program is to attract high quality students into areas of engineering relevant to the power industry, the main avenue of promotion will be through secondary schools. Participating universities would be expected to be actively engaged in promotion of the bursary scheme to high schools (via avenues such as school visits) and within their engineering student cohort with the aim of heightening interest in power engineering and reinforcing the significant career opportunities which exist.

The program will be promoted to Year 12 students, but bursary recipients will be selected in the second semester of their first year in the Bachelor of Engineering degree, or equivalent. A smaller proportion, bursaries may also be awarded to students who are in the second or third year of their program.

The bursary recipients will be selected based on merit (eg tertiary entrance result) and a written application demonstrating both their interest and potential commitment to working in the power industry.

It is expected that a minimum average grade for subjects of above average/credit(no subject failures) would be maintained by bursary holders throughout the course to retain the bursary.

Bursary recipients would also be expected to maintain an interest in power engineering and engagement with industry during their course. Special consideration to these conditions may be given under particular circumstances, as agreed by the selection panel.

There is no obligation on the bursary holders, upon graduation, to seek employment with any sponsor company; neither is there any obligation upon the sponsor companies to offer to any bursary holder professional employment upon graduation.

Bursary holders may be excluded from the scheme if they accept scholarships or bursaries that would preclude them from undertaking vacation employment or permanent employment upon graduation with the sponsor companies. Examples of such exclusion are bonded scholarships, scholarships with companies which are not API bursary sponsors, and scholarships or bursaries with companies that operate in businesses that are not aligned with the power engineering focus of the API sponsors. However, bursary holders will not be precluded from accepting merit awards such as a university or industry prizes that carry no obligation with respect to vacation employment or professional employment upon graduation.

A selection panel, will coordinate the selection process and ultimately select the bursary recipients.

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