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Selection Criteria for scholarships:

1. Need: the scholarship program is designed primarily to support women who don’t have suitable access to financial support for this type of program, such as from an employer. How does this apply to you? (Eg University employer or SME that doesn’t have financial capacity, returning to work/part time, currently not linked to an employer etc) 


2. Motivation and Readiness: outline why you are ready for leadership and developing your career in the power sector


3. Impact potential: what impact do you believe this program will have on your career in male-dominated technical and leadership areas of the Australian the power sector (eg your participation in the workforce, employability and acquiring jobs and/or development as a leader in the power sector).


4. Eligibility: A woman on a career path to technically-oriented professional and para-professional leadership roles in the Australian electricity (power) sector, with aspirations of being a leader in your organisation and the sector, and with 4-15 years relevant experience OR an undergraduate student or new graduate in technically oriented roles in the power sector? You must also be able to participate in all aspects of the program including the API Summer School in Adelaide from May 2023* (refer to the flyer for each program for more details of dates; *dates to be confirmed). 

Scholarship application closing dates for 2023 cohort:
Applications for the Professional stream will close Sunday 18 September 2022.

Applications for the Early Career stream will close Sunday 18 September 2022. 
Applicants will be notified in October 2022 of the outcome of their application. 
Applicants who are not successful will be offered the opportunity to register for the program with full support from their employer (subject to availability of remaining spots in the Summer School).

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