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PWLP Mentoring

Be a Mentor to fantastic women


The API is seeking Senior Executives from our Member organisation to Mentor some of our women.  

You can contribute as a mentor in various ways but the main activity is to join our online mentoring community to be a 1-on-1 mentor. We use the online Mentorloop platform to enable direct connections between our mentors and our 82 mentees. You can then arrange to meet on your own terms during the year (in person, video conference, telephone – what ever works for you). You can connect with one person or with several depending on your availability. We also have live in-person and online activities happening through 2022 that you can contribute to – our program is flexible!

What time commitment am I making as a mentor?
The time commitment required will be over the next nine months, but actual time involved will depend on the goals set by the mentor and their mentee, and what the mentor and mentee want to get out of the mentoring relationship. It might be a 5 minute check in every 2-3 weeks or an hour session once a month, or something completely different. It’s up to you!

API PWLP Mentoring Terms of Reference

Click here to view our Mentorloop webinar 2023

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