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The API are working on energising the imaginations of the next generation of the Australian power sector workforce and supporting those who want to inspire them.


We provide information on careers in power, profiles and ambassador programs to support school outreach.

The power industry is facing a significant challenge in attracting the next generation of talent that is needed to manage our future power systems. Due to the lack of understanding, awareness and visibility of the amazing work happening in this sector. The API was created for this purpose, and we’ve been working for years with our member organisations, partners and undergraduate students to inspire the next generation.

But we want to achieve more, and we invite you to join us!


For School Students/Parents/Teachers: Sign up to our Electrify your Future journey, where we will support you in your journey by providing helpful hints, ideas to ponder, opportunities to strengthen your skills, and knowledge to build your understanding of a career that will not only be extremely rewarding, but improves the communities within Australia.


For Professionals: We are recruiting volunteer Power Ambassadors from our wonderful community of passionate power professionals so we can ENERGISE the imaginations of Australia’s young people about careers in power.

Together, we will create awareness and excitement among school students about the challenges and opportunities that exist. We will show them how innovative technologies and approaches are transforming the industry, from renewable energy to smart grids, from energy storage to electric vehicles.

PROJECT ENERGISE encompasses all the API’s activities for informing the next generation into being AWARE and EXCITED about the opportunities that are in front of them in the power industry.

API Project Energise v3 March 2023.png

The API have a number of initiatives and strategies that we are undertaking:

  • Working with API members to complement their strategies.

  • Our refreshed API Careers in Power webpage – which currently holds profiles of undergrads, grads and professionals currently working in the industry.

  • Hosting online events including our Students in Power Summit and National Science Week highlighting careers in the power industry.

  • Continuing our current curriculum aligned programs – STELR Solar Car Challenge and A Day in the Life of a 7-year-old.

  • We have developed Electrify your Future – an electronic journey that supports high school students who are interested in knowing more and designed to provide answers to their commonly asked questions. 

  • Growing our social media content on Instagram and Tiktok.

As a community, we need to make the power industry attractive and accessible to all students, regardless of their background and ATAR scores. We need to show them how they can contribute to society by pursuing a career in power, and how the industry can provide a platform for personal and professional growth.

So, we are looking for power professionals to inspire school kids and start their understanding of potential careers in the power industry, we want to encourage you and your colleagues to go into high schools and share your passion for our field with the next generation. By doing so, we can help shape the future of the industry by encouraging students of all abilities to become part of it.

As professionals and soon to be professionals, you are the best ambassadors for the industry. You can help students understand the importance of the industry and the role it plays in our daily lives. We want you to share your experiences, inspire them with success stories, and explain the real-world problems that our industry is facing and the solutions you are developing.

Get in touch with the API to share your company’s STEM outreach program, email our Partnerships Manager: AND If you have any general enquiries about Project Energise, please contact Engagement Manager:

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