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Well that’s a wrap for Summer School 2024!

Updated: Apr 17

Following the conclusion of the 2024 API Summer School and bidding farewell to the season itself, we express our gratitude to all 50 participants, marking our largest gathering of Summer School attendees to date, along with the organisations that supported them on this transformative journey. Summer School epitomizes stepping beyond one's comfort zone, immersing oneself in learning, development, and professional advancement, fostering remarkable connections year after year. It's no small feat for participants to take two weeks from their routine lives, separated from loved ones, to come together in such a manner, yet the invaluable benefits gained are consistently praised. Undoubtedly, Summer School constitutes an intense experience for both participants and staff alike. I extend heartfelt appreciation to all involved for their contributions, making this experience so fulfilling and enjoyable. 

API 2024 Summer School+ in Hobart, Tasmania

This year, we witnessed a cohort comprising 60% female attendees, a remarkable shift in the industry landscape compared to previous years, signalling a hopeful trend for the future. 

The calibre (and entertainment value) of presentations this year surpassed expectations, rendering this edition of Summer School particularly captivating. The API team takes immense pride in showcasing the hard work and learning undertaken by the 50 Summer School participants. The strategic project presentations serve as a testament to their dedication and growth throughout the program. These professionals have diligently researched, analysed, and collaborated to develop actionable plans aimed at addressing real-world challenges and fostering positive transformation. 

We encourage you to delve into the recorded presentations and explore the group reports from each of the ten teams. These teams tackled Strategic Challenge Questions posed by our Executive Insights speakers, offering invaluable perspectives on the prevailing challenges and opportunities within the Australian power sector. 

As we close this chapter, let's take a moment to applaud the achievements, the bonds forged, and the newfound wisdom that will undoubtedly shape the trajectory of the power industry in the years to come. Here's to the relentless pursuit of excellence and innovation within the dynamic realm of power and energy. Our heartfelt thanks to everyone involved - participants, speakers, and our fellow staff members. 

Thank you all for your feedback as we start to plan for Summer School 2025! 

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