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Energise our Industry's Future with STEM Outreach through the API!

Are you ready to take your passion for power to the next level? Well, strap in, because the Australian Power Institute's POWER AMBASSADOR (STEM outreach) program is where the excitement begins!

The API’s POWER AMBASSADOR program now supports TWO options for you to make a difference in our industry’s future. Whether you want to go to a high school or have an ‘Career Chat’ with an individual, we will provide the support and resources you need to make your mark!

So get ready for an electrifying journey, as we explore ten compelling reasons why professionals like you should dive headfirst into this high-voltage adventure:

Spark the Imagination: Join the ranks of STEM superheroes who ignite the fire of curiosity in the minds of the next generation. With your expertise and passion, you can be the hero who inspires future scientists, engineers, and tech wizards.

Close the Skills Gap: The power sector, just like a high-speed circuit, is always on the move. By engaging in STEM outreach, you become the bridge that connects young, bright minds to the industry, closing the skills gap and amplifying our workforce.

Champion Diversity and Inclusion: It's time to break barriers and make the power and energy sector a stage for everyone. Reach out to underrepresented groups and show them that there's a spot for every star in this constellation of opportunity.

Light Up Your Industry's Reputation: The power sector sometimes finds itself in the shadows. STEM outreach is your chance to beam the spotlight on the industry's efforts to power a sustainable and responsible future.

Personal and Professional Thrills: Get ready to redefine your own limits. Volunteering

for STEM outreach opens doors to personal growth, networking, and skill development. Connecting with the younger crowd requires you to adapt and evolve, and the thrill is real!

Corporate Good Vibes: Many organizations shine a spotlight on community involvement. STEM outreach lets you align with your company's values and be part of the league of power professionals who give back to society.

Future Talent Unleashed: Ever thought of yourself as a talent scout? By getting involved, you might just discover and nurture tomorrow's power players, all while building a recruitment pipeline that could lead right back to your own doorstep.

Personal Satisfaction Overload: Helping students embark on their STEM careers can be incredibly rewarding. You'll be a mentor, a role model, and a source of inspiration, giving you that personal fulfillment that's brighter than the sun.

In a nutshell, power professionals, this is your time to shine! The POWER AMBASSADOR program is your launchpad into a world of inspiration, innovation, and incredible growth and provides you with the option of going into a school or having a ‘career chat’ with one person.

Lace up your steel toe boots, grab your high vis, and get ready to make your mark in the power sector like never before!"

For more information on the API's POWER AMBSSADOR program, please head to our Careers in Power webpage - or contact API Engagement Manager, Stephanie Somerville (

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