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Students During Break


“ Through out this API programme, I learnt an incredible amount about the workforce, the practicalities of engineering design/implementation and so much more that I will never forget. I also gained confidence and matured as an individual in the workforce a lot more than other students by doing so. ”

“ The API assisted me to secure opportunities to work alongside professional engineers in the industry which provided the greatest benefit to my studies and future of my career . The concepts I learnt at University were then put into practical scenarios during my work experiences, which was invaluable. ”

“The API provides framework to introduce students to the power industry, present them with opportunities to gain first hand experience and to help better inform future career decisions. I consider myself very fortunate to have been apart of this programme as I recognise that I would not be this far ahead in my career without it. ”

“I really found great value as the API provided a well coordinated program for allocating sponsor companies and bursary students together for a least one guaranteed vacation work placement - saves students a lot of trouble and worry. ”

“The opportunity to undertake several periods of paid employment with a variety of different companies was the most beneficial aspect of the bursary program for me. This industry involvement has given me a better understanding of requirements in different roles and how different organisations operate. Nearing completion of my degree I have worked with 3 bursary affiliate companies as well as 2 others and this experience will enable me to select my career path with more informed decisions.”

“I was also fortunate to obtain a final year project topic from Tarong Energy working on the design parameters for a dense phase coal ash slurry pipeline. It was good experience working on a real design issue in a highly technical field that required significant testing and analysis. This process built on my skills in project work and application of theory and investigation to an industry problem.”

"As a recipient of the bursary, I had the opportunity to do vacation work for ENERGEX in my second year of university. This led to my continued employment as a contractor while finishing my studies. My thesis, “Automated Tools for Distribution Planning”, was jointly supervised by Energex and the University of Queensland. This research was presented at the Energy 21C Conference and a recent conference at Ergon."

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