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Explore the bright future of careers in the Australian power sector through the eyes of undergraduate students and their experiences working at leading employers, and get inspired by the personal career stories and insights from power sector professionals from Australia's leading power sector employers (API's member organisations)

The 2023 Students in Power Summit has finished.

Thank you to all 32 students who submitted their experience videos, all attendees and industry professionals that were involved in the event. We will be back in March 2024. View the winners and finalist videos below.

Watch the videos by all the students here. 

What is the Students in Power Summit?

The Students in Power (SIP) Summit is an annual (every March) online event hosted by the Australian Power Institute to showcase the experiences of students who have recently completed a vacation placement within the power sector. By sharing these experiences and their new industry knowledge, we can bring together the learnings for professional and personal development in students working towards a career in power.

The winner and finalists of the Judges Award at the API Students in Power Summit.

The winner and finalists of the People's Choice Award at the API Students in Power Summit.

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