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"The power industry plays a major role in achieving global decarbonisation goals. This requires unique perspectives, diverse talents, and innovative ideas women can bring into this male dominated industry. Therefore, it is important for women to join the power industry such that our future will be powered by the brilliance of all its people."

Dilini Darmawardana

Engineer - Network Connections

WHO ARE THEY: I am Dilini Darmawardana, an Engineer at Transgrid specializing in grid integration of large-scale renewable generation projects such as wind and solar farms. I have a diverse background in the power system consultancy, having spent around three years conducting power quality studies, power system modelling, and network planning studies.

Dilini Darmawardana

KEY STRENGTHS: Power system modelling, power quality, grid connections


Power industry is going through a historic and a heroic transition from fossil fuel-based generation to renewable-based generation with an ambitious target to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees Celsius by 2050 and thereby avoid the dire consequences of climate change. This has created a unique and exciting opportunity for the young professionals to join this flourishing industry, expose themselves to the cutting-edge technology and find creative solutions to the challenges we are facing today.
Construction plan

My Journey

Where it all started for me

I selected Electrical Engineering due to the fascination I had towards the electrical engineering concepts during the first semester of my bachelor’s studies where I was introduced to a number of engineering disciplines. As I progressed through my studies, I developed a deep appreciation for the diverse range of study areas encompassed by Electrical Engineering, ranging from circuit theory to power electronics.

I developed a passion for Power Quality as I gained a greater understanding of the power system. With the rapid integration of power electronic interfaces such as solar and wind farms, there was an increasing concern related to the harmonic emissions in both low and high frequency ranges. This inspired me to pursue a doctoral degree in Power Quality where my work contributed towards better understanding of higher frequency phenomena in the electrical distribution networks.

What did I end up studying?

Studied at University of Wollongong

Entering the industry

What excites me the most about the future of power industry is that it determines the very survival of all the living beings on this planet. The Earth would be inhabitable in the coming century unless we move away from fossil fuel to environmentally friendly energy sources to limit global warming. The strong global drive towards decarbonisation is a promising sign of the future of this flourishing industry.

My previous work experience

My work placement experience

What I'm doing now

My advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Take advantage of as many work placements and industry speakers at API events as possible - so you can get a good understanding of the many areas you can specialise in.

How to connect with

Dilini Darmawardana

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Abby Biles

"As we confront Australia's national skills shortage and the pressure to achieve Net Zero, the inclusion of women in the power industry becomes even more crucial. By leveraging diverse talents and perspectives, we can address these challenges. There are so many incredible women out there who's skills are needed in this space they just need the industry to support them in return."

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Liana Lidden-Verney

"There is no gender monopoly on the skills needed in the industry. By having a workforce with diverse perspectives and experiences, we fuel innovation and innovation is exactly what this industry will be reliant on for generations to come."

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Katrina Thomlinson

"There is value in every industry from diversity of thought and one way to bring diversity is employ more women in the workforce. Women bring different values, perspectives and approaches to solve the problems of today and into the future."

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What can I do next?

No matter if you're at high-school or at university, we have great programs and resources to get you started on your journey towards power engineering!

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