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Record Number of Inspired Applicants

Updated: Apr 17

The API received record interest in the API Power UP Scholarship, formerly known as our bursary program. Recording 687 sign ups to the Power UP Program and 224 applications for the scholarship from across the country. 

Our industry members will now begin the difficult task of selecting recipients from an impressive cohort of applicants from over 24 universities.  

This year we asked our applicants what inspired them to pursue a career in the power industry these are just a few of their responses: 


"Ever since the CEO of Powerlink came to my first-year electrical course and presented to us about the renewables challenge I was immediately engaged. His description of every challenge and their possible solutions as well as the drawbacks lit a fire in me to get into the renewables field. Specifically, I want to make a very reliable world where power outages such as the ones that happened in South Australia are a thing of the past."


StudentSouth Australia

"I first became interested in the power system industry through my lecturer, Dr Ali Pourmousavi Kani. His research areas are focused in the Power sector, and he provided great insight and support when I approached him to find out more about his research and career paths in the power system industry. I have completed two summer research projects with Dr Kani which set my first interest in the Power sector.  Aside from Dr Ali Pourmousavi Kani and the research experiences, my other inspiration was a power course taught by Mr David Vowels. The course deepened my understanding of core concepts in the power system and further ignited my desire to be involved in the Power Sector."


Student, Western Australia

"My passion for a career in the Power sector originated in High School ATAR Physics, out of all the topics including Mechanics, Electricity, Nuclear Physics etc., I have always found Electricity more fascinating than others. In Year 11-12 (2021-22) I enrolled on the Girls Engineering Tomorrow program run by Curtin University and attended weekly workshops and got an introduction to the engineering field.  During the same years, with a growing awareness of climate change and the need to transition to cleaner energy sources, I was passionate about knowing that I could be a part of the solution in the future and contribute to my country or even worldwide.  

I didn't have people who specifically inspired me into the power sector, but my family and school were very supportive of me following my passion, which made me more confident to pursue a degree in Electrical Engineering and a career in the power sector."


These are just a few of the incredible responses we received, if you are a current undergraduate or know undergraduates who share a similar passion for industry, encourage them to sign up to the Power UP Program it’s a simple form that can be completed here.  

This will give them access to a range of API undergraduate offerings and will put them on the Power UP Newsletter list to receive tips, events updates and industry opportunities see our latest edition here.  


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