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Introducing the "Power UP Program": the Australian Power Institute's Undergraduate Initiative

Updated: Dec 13, 2023

The Australian Power Institute (API) is proud to offer a range of programs, including our Bursary Program, to provide students with a pathway into the power sector.

Our efforts to date have generally focused on our core community for ~100 Bursary students, but we want to support more students. Fortunately the changes we've made to our programs for bursary students over the last 3-4 years can be expanded and our growing staff team gives us the capacity to do so. So we are excited to rebrand our undergraduate program as the "Power UP Program", for undergrad student in power to develop from University to Practice, or from Undergraduate to Professional.

It encompasses everything we offer in the undergraduate space and is open to all students interested in Power – whether they're scholarship recipients or not. Non-scholarship recipients won't receive financial support or have access to a guaranteed placement.

To maintain consistency in our branding and promotional activities, the Bursary Program will now be known as The API Power Up Scholarship.

We're also excited to announce upcoming changes for 2024. The Students in Power Summit will be relaunched with a new and exciting format as the API Power Up Summit. In addition, we'll be launching the Power Up Alumni community – API Grid Connect – and expanding the API Power Up Credential offering.

For additional information on the Power UP Program including how you can get involved in the programs offerings, please contact Laura Wong at

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