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Introducing the API's Power UP Program

Updated: Feb 16

The Australian Power Institute is excited to announce that our annual Bursary recruitment has begun. We are looking for students who are passionate about the energy sector, particularly in the fields of electrical engineering, mechatronics, and data science. In 2024, our Bursary Program will have a new name, the Power UP Scholarship program, as part of our rebranding efforts. Additionally, we are proud to introduce Power UP – a program for all students interested in the power industry. This initiative will provide them with opportunities to engage with the industry and enhance their knowledge. 

Expanding Opportunities for Students in Industry through the Power UP Program and Scholarships, the API provides students with the chance to work in the industry and gain practical experience. Our Power UP program and scholarship offerings aim to support more students than ever before. 

Check out our 2024 promo vide featuring past and current bursary students:

We would love for you to share this video on your social media and help spread the word about our program. 

Students in Year 1 – 3 are encouraged to apply – applications can be made at 


Applications close 1st of April so please encourage anyone you think may be interested to apply now! 




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