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Celebrating Pride Month 2024

In recognition of International Pride Month, the API is reflecting on ways to enhance our support for the LGBTIQ+ community. You may have noticed, our logo has been altered this month, a first for us, to symbolise our continued support for the LGBTQ+ community. 

It is essential for any organisation to actively promote LGBTQ+ rights and inclusion by nurturing an environment that celebrates diversity and values everyone, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity. 

CEO Dr David Pointing:

"The strength of the Australian power sector lies in its embrace of diversity – we are and must be ‘powered by diversity’ so we can harness the varied and creative thinking and capabilities of all Australians in our communities to achieve the huge transformations needed in our energy systems to achieve a sustainable future, and so we can ensure we are offering equitable opportunities for everyone in our communities. This commitment allows us to reflect the needs and values of the communities we serve, making our power engineering organisations as diverse and dynamic as the people they benefit." API

We believe effective communication is a great place to start and a small step any team can make in creating a more inclusive workplace, so at the API will try to ensure the use of inclusive language in all communications and acknowledge significant LGBTQ+ milestones such as Pride Month in June, IDAHOBIT in May, and Australia Pride Festival in February. 

Furthermore, we encourage power professionals to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights beyond the workplace. This can involve supporting LGBTQ+ causes, advocating for inclusive legislation, and publicly opposing discriminatory practices.  

These two actions will assist in creating more inclusive workplaces and communities and we encourage other organisations to work on fostering a more inclusive and fair community in the power sector. If you have any further ideas on positive changes we and the API community could make, drop a comment below. 


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