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115 inspired undergrads seeking careers in power and supported by the API

An update on the API's annual bursary student program

Welcome to our new bursary students in 2023:

August is an exciting time of year in the API's undergraduate scholarship program - we've completed our recruitment of new students and the organising of summer work placements for students for the end of the year.

We also come together to celebrate the value of our national community of students passionate about careers in power, welcoming our new scholarship awardees and farewelling the students who in their final years of study.

For 2023, we are very happy to share that we've recruited a whopping 35 new API bursary students from across Australia (students per state; NSW 9, SA 4, WA 7, VIC 6, QLD 7 and TAS 2).

Our community now has 115 undergrad students on API scholarships, with a wonderful diversity of gender (43% female) and located across 6 Australian states, studying various courses across 24 universities and in their first to final years of study.

Congratulations to all our new students on being selected to be part of the API Bursary program - our industry selection panels in each state were again impresed by the high calibre of applicants.

And a big thank you to all the members of our selection committees, from across our member organisations, who do the hard work in reviewing applications, speaking with students, and selecting the students to join the API bursary student community.

Our 35 new bursary students in 2023:

Congratulations and farewell!

Congratulations to our 26 bursary students who are ending their journey with the API this year - it has been our honour to support you in your development into a valued member of the power sector's workforce. And we look forward to continuing to support you as an Alumni and linking you back into our efforts to nurture younger students.

Our 26 graduating bursary students in 2023:

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