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Sally Busch

Asset Strategy and Performance Lead

Sally Busch


Bachelor of Engineering (Hons.) (Mechanical), Master of Sustainment Management (MSustMgt)


The University of Queensland (UQ) and University of New South Wales (UNSW)



I was drawn to the power industry by the interesting purpose driven work, complex challenges, and diverse range of opportunities.

Who am I

I am Sally Busch, an Asset Strategy and Performance Lead at Ausgrid. Originally from Brisbane, I studied Mechanical Engineering at UQ before moving to Sydney relatively early in my career. Prior to joining the power industry, I gained experience working in various other sectors and have held a diverse range of positions, which enables me to bring a unique perspective to my roles. I have also earned a Master of Sustainment Management, which has deepened my expertise in asset management practices. When I am not at work, I love to spend time outdoors – hiking, swimming, and playing sport, including netball and lacrosse.

Why I chose a career in power

I chose to pursue a career in the power industry because it offers the perfect blend of technical challenges and the chance to contribute to an essential service. The dynamic nature of the industry, driven by technological advancements and the push for sustainability, provides constant opportunities for innovation and growth. Working in this industry allows me to apply my engineering skills to real-world problems, make a positive impact on communities, and be part of the critical transition towards a more sustainable energy future.

Where it all started

I studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of Queensland, followed by a Master in Sustainment Management from the University of New South Wales. My career has been a vibrant journey across various roles and industries. I began as an aeronautical and propulsion systems design engineer and later worked on designing complex communication and computing systems, then supported the effective operation of a diverse range of high-risk assets. When I joined Ausgrid and the power industry, I led the development of climate resilience engineering, solution development, and modelling work. I have since transitioned into the asset management and performance space, where I shape asset strategy for the diverse range of assets that form Ausgrid's network and power the community.

My work experience.
What's next?

I currently work for Ausgrid as the Asset Strategy and Performance Lead where I use my engineering skills and creativity to shape the development of asset strategies. This role is exciting, varied and I get to work on the diverse range of assets that form the electricity network including traditional grid assets such as poles and wires to newer areas such as community batteries and standalone power systems. The rapid development of renewable energy technologies and electrification is making the future of the power industry incredibly exciting. I am particularly interested in seeing how these emerging areas will continue to evolve and be integrated into energy systems while maintaining the stability, reliability, and efficiency of the electricity grid. Furthermore, these ongoing advancements, coupled with the industry's commitment to tackling complex challenges, offer endless opportunities for impactful and purpose-driven work.

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