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Maryam Hasheminamin

Renewable Energy Integration Design Lead

Maryam Hasheminamin


PhD, Doctorate in Electrical Engineering


University of New South Wales


Endeavour Energy

"Women are half of the society, there are different range of skill sets that they can offer to any industry and energy is an essential one and why should be excluded."

Who am I

Maryam is a registered charted engineer holding MIEAust, CPEng, NER, RPEQ certifications. She is currently Renewable Design Integration Design Lead at Endeavor energy after contributing in senior advisory level in KPMG. She has had diverse exposure across, strategic planning, and conceptual design development to budget delivery. She has coordinated and collaborated in power system analysis, power quality UPS development, Battery Energy Storage Systems BESS, community batteries, Virtual power Plant, frequency control ancillary services (FCAS) and energy aware UPS developments with DNSP, TNSP and AEMO. Maryam has developed leadership skills to improve the team collaboration with multidisciplinary stakeholders in Energy industry. She applies interpersonal and communication skills to establish strong links across industry. She has earned analytical skills in her PhD thesis, on Mitigation of challenges due to high penetration of renewable sources into distribution grid and very passionate about power systems, modelling and integration studied on community batteries in role of network stabilizers in future energy grid.

Why I chose a career in power

To love what they do in Career, and love will show them the way. They can convert any stoppers on their path into a piece that they can make their castle of success with.

For me the key was: Persistence, Resilience and confidence.

Where it all started

I had passion for renewable energy since early stages of my career. ever since I have been on auto navigate in my career journey of renewable energy. Absorbing opportunities and potentials on the way, a scholarship from UNSW to pursue my studies in power system analysis in high presence of renewable sources came my way and I grasped it immediately as it felt so right and aligned with my journey goals.

My work experience.
What's next?

The fact that Renewable sources is going to lead and feed out cities is extra exciting by itself and the fact that we are going to have more peaceful co-existing with the nature and mother earth.

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