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Jack Burgemeister

API Scholarship Recipient - Graduated 2023

Jack Burgemeister


Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours)


University of Adelaide


University of Adelaide

"Improving the quality of life by solving world problems is a passion of mine; the power industry provides a perfect opportunity for me to pursue it"

Who am I

From a science project concerning solar energy during my early high school years, I was taken by the advantages renewable energy provided and chose to pursue this interest into my seniority. By studying EEE at the University of Adelaide, I embellished this passion into the niche interest of project management, and a systems approach to electrical projects. I seek to further this interest with a career in the power industry, managing projects regarding the integration of renewable sources into existing grid architecture. I am an avid reader, a proficient learner, and passionate about all sports and fitness.

Why I chose a career in power

Whether it is sports, university, or fixing a tap; I am passionate about solving problems and reaping the learnings the solution may uncover. The power industry is presently in prime condition to face significant overhaul due to the extensive uptake of renewable energy; posing problems due to the grid's inability to manage this within its current state. Thus, I believe it is a perfect industry for me to partake in as it suits both my behavioral and professional interests.

Where it all started

Studying a Bachelor of Engineering (Electrical and Electronic) (Honours) from the University of Adelaide

My work experience.
What's next?

Within the past 2023 summer, I interned at SAPN with the Major Projects team. This experience was invaluable as it provided me the opportunity to pair my university learnings with grid architecture operation, whilst also assisting in the management of statewide projects utilising effective and efficient project management techniques.

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