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Georgia Kappos

Graduate Engineer

Georgia Kappos


Bachelor of Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Bachelor of Maths and Computer Science


University of Adelaide


SA Power Networks

"The power industry is rapidly growing and affects everyone. We need a diverse workforce to tackle, make decisions and lead."

Who am I

During 2021, while I was completing my honours project, I worked as an intern at SA Power Networks where I learned all about the distribution network and the energy industry. It was a no brainer - I knew I wanted to stay in power, so I started on the grad program.

Why I chose a career in power

By the time someone in school or at the start of their degree enters the industry, things will already be so different. The transition to renewables is critical and exciting, and we need as many passionate and diverse people to work on it as possible.

Where it all started

When I was at uni, I started in a science degree. In my first year I made so many wonderful friends who studied engineering and I wanted to be a part of what they were all working on. I changed degrees after my first year and chose electrical/electronic because I thought to myself - "well, there's electricity everywhere, so I guess there will always be interesting work".

My work experience.
What's next?

I am in my second year on the SA Power Networks grad program and I have already had so many excellent experiences in so many parts of the business - even parts I never thought existed for a distribution company!

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