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Danielle Peralta


Danielle Peralta


Master of Professional Engineering (Electrical and Electronic)


University of Western Australia


University of Western Australia

The power industry is a sector that has exciting things happening in the engineering space, while also being a career that has a greater purpose of serving the community around us.

Who am I

I am a student from the University of Western Australia, currently completing a Master in Professional Engineering (Electrical and Electronic). I had decided to pursue an electrical engineering degree due to my interest in renewables in highschool and I have always enjoyed the problem-solving aspect of my studies. Outside of studies and my career, I enjoy playing musical instruments, staying active and finding places to eat around Perth!

Why I chose a career in power

I chose the power industry in my early studies because I had always been interested in renewable energy and its role in achieving a decarbonised future. More recently, I have come to realise the impact that the industry has on all households and businesses and that it involves providing an essential service to the community I live in. So choosing this industry provides an opportunity for me to use my engineering degree for a greater purpose - to serve the community.

Where it all started

I completed a Bachelor of Science in Engineering Science with a second major in Management. I am currently studying a Master in Professional Engineering. I have completed work placements in the consulting, mining and utility sectors. During these placements, I held intern positions in asset management, control systems, standards and network planning.

My work experience.
What's next?

I am casually working as an Electrical Engineering Intern at Collgar Renewables alongside my studies. My roles is to support and assist the team in the management of their electrical assets. What excites me about the future of the power industry is that it will be a changing and dynamic industry as it moves towards decarbonisation goals. This will involve new technology, innovation, collaboration and learning opportunities for the entire industry. It is also thrilling to know that the power industry is working towards developing solutions to a world-wide challenge.

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