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Cervantes Feng

API Scholarship Recipient - Graduated 2023

Cervantes Feng


Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering


Queensland University of Technology


Queensland University of Technology

"The most exciting part of the power industry is the variety of new technology that we can work with to help improve Australia's stance on sustainability."

Who am I

Hi! My name is Cervantes and I am a (fingers crossed) soon-to-be Mechatronics Engineering graduate with a passion for the power industry. Through my degree at QUT I have done many units surrounding power engineering and fortunately through the API have been able to do placements at Powerlink Queensland, Energy Queensland, and Aurecon. I am hoping to bring those skills that I have learned into my future as an engineering graduate.

Why I chose a career in power

I am choosing a career in the power industry because of all the important work that is coming up in the future of the energy sector. I am very excited by the chance to contribute to creating a more sustainable future for Australia.

Where it all started

Completing a Bachelor of Mechatronics Engineering from Queensland University of Technology

My work experience.
What's next?

My favourite experience in the industry so far has been my experience at Aurecon. I have really enjoyed the variety of work that has been available to me and have really enjoyed learning from an experienced and diverse team.

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