Gazinga Abdullah

Seeking employment


My intension behind applying to study a PhD degree in Australia was to become a professional academic (a researcher or a lecturer) specialised in the topic of using CFD modelling for simulating solar thermal energy systems. But after researching and learning for 2 years in Australia, my research focus was pivoted completely toward focusing on a nexus of topics: modelling and simulation of off-grid Solar PV- battery systems, electricity infrastructure operation, building energy efficiency, heating ventilation and air-conditioning systems, and techno-economic optimization. My PhD research objective became: looking for innovative technologies that can be adopted in Australian homes to reduce the critical peak power demand which residential air-conditioners induce during heat waves. After carrying out extensive literature review, I decided to assume a radical demand side energy management solution for reducing the impact of this critical peak power demand on the main-grid would be replacing conventional reverse cycle air-conditioners by a kind of solar air-conditioner that can operate totally off-grid. I named such off-grid solar air-conditioner 'solar autonomous air-conditioner' (SA-A/C).

In year 2019, I participated in OnPrime 7 as a team leader for a project I called “Solar Autonomous Chiller”. I tried to find customers and markets that can uptake this kind of SA_A/C which I believe can reduce not only critical peak power demand which residential air-conditioner induces during heat waves, but also household’s water consumption in many countries like Iraq.

Gazinga Abdullah


I completed BSc and MSc in mechanical engineering in Iraq. Then, I worked as a full-time lecturer at the school of Mechanical Engineering in two Universities for about 10 years before I came to Australia. At University of South Australia, I did a PhD degree in mechanical Engineering (With focus on Renewable Energy Systems). I spent most my time in Australia isolating myself to do simulations, analysing and writing my PhD research. Over the past 3 years, I was busy with supporting the completion of my PhD by doing different kinds of casual jobs (not related to Engineering.