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"I never knew Electrical Engineering could be so rewarding"

Amy Phan

Asset Maintenance Engineer


I am an Asset Maintenance Engineer at Energy Queensland. My journey to my current role seems to have the same underlying theme of never following my plan. While at high school I thought I would become an Orthodontist. After researching the profession and completed work experience, I concluded this career choice wasn’t the best fit for me.

Amy Phan


Enjoy working with people; Investigations


I wanted to work in an environment which had a lot of interaction with people, in an industry that is continuously evolving. I had no idea what to do and my brother suggested engineering because my personality traits complimented the industry. Through a process of elimination, I found myself gravitating to Power Engineering. I have never looked back since. It’s a great profession and full of interesting and varied sectors. While I was studying Electrical Engineering, I had grand plans to work in the renewable / innovation space and be part of the exciting world of emerging technology. I entered the graduate program at Energy Queensland to develop my knowledge and abilities required to contribute to projects in team environments. I found myself rapidly growing and involved in many teams but especially in reactive/operational teams. I joined Asset Maintenance and now able to influence decisions which assist our field staff and thus our network. It brings me joy and fulfills me finding positive solutions for the electricity network challenges which benefit our customers. In my free time, I am the Queensland Chair of EESA, which is the Electric Energy Society of Australia. This is a technical society that aspires to have a diverse technical and social program for like-minded people. Through this society, I have met many people from different walks of life who have shared their stories. I find it mind boggling how different the electricity network was from today’s electricity network.
Construction plan

My Journey

Where it all started for me

Completed High School

What did I end up studying?

Started studying Electrical Engineering at University of Queensland

Entering the industry

Started the Grad Program at Energy Queensland

My previous work experience

Started work experience in Orthodontics - quickly discovered it wasn't for me

My work placement experience

Summer Placements at XYZ and ABC

What I'm doing now

Currently working as an Asset Maintenance Engineer at Energy Queensland

My advice for anyone looking to get into the industry?

Take advantage of as many work placements and industry speakers at API events as possible - so you can get a good understanding of the many areas you can specialise in.

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Amy Phan

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What can I do next?

No matter if you're at high-school or at university, we have great programs and resources to get you started on your journey towards power engineering!

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