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2022 AGM and Member Forum: the highlights

Thank you to those who were able to join us for our online Annual General Meeting and member forum in November!

As Peter shares in his report, we’ve come out of the COVID era stronger than ever, and have had a hugely successful year, but there is still much to be done in developing the power sector workforce for the future!

Thanks for your support for the year, and we look forwarding to working together in 2023.

“Our focus for 2023

  1. Grow and deepen bursary program and impact on employment with API members

  2. Strengthen ‘transition points’ in power careers (school to uni, uni to graduate careers)

  3. Support for graduates and our members (recruit, retain and develop)

  4. Grad and Undergrad Sentiment Survey for API members

  5. Mental health and workforce resilience in power sector

  6. Sustainable Powerful Women program after 2024

  7. Targeted actions to impact diversity

  8. Knowledge sharing from innovation projects

  9. Connections between industry and university research and education (such rapid change)

  10. Strategic workforce planning in collaboration with government

Next opportunities to connect with the API Board – Summer School Gala Dinner and Board meeting in person, May 2023 in Sydney

On behalf of Peter, Heidi and the API Board, we invite our member organisation representatives to connect with the API Board in person on the morning of Friday 12th May 2023 in Parramatta, Sydney.

This is linked to the end of the residential Summer School, and part of the Board’s quarterly meeting schedule.

We’ll send invites directly to our representatives early in 2023 =but ask you to ‘save the date’ in your calendar for a session with the Board and all API members, followed by the API’s Power in Diversity lunch with the 60+ undergrads and grads participating in our Powerful

Women Leadership Program (Early Career Stream).

We also invite you to join us for the API’s Summer School Gala Dinner on the Thursday evening – this is quite an event, featuring the ~60 Summer School participants (50% female) and the 60+ undergrads and grads participating in our Powerful Women Leadership Program (Early Career Stream), and other VIPs. Again, details of this will be out soon but please consider saving the date in your calendar now.

online AGM 2023 – save the date for Wednesday 29, November, 3.30-5pm Sydney time

Or 12:30pm – 2:00pm

We're planning on flipping the format for our online AGM and forum in 2023 to having a keynote speaker, member discussions, and the administrative parts of the AGM as the ‘bit at the end’ (but still maintaining proper governance).

We welcome your feedback, and ask you to ‘save the date’ in your calendar - we'll be asking our member reps for their preference of the two times early in 2023 and final selection will also depend on the availability of our speaker.

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