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Held at Brisbane Airport Conference Centre


This interactive forum between industry and university representatives will focus on knowledge sharing relating to a number of INDUSTRY DRIVEN INNOVATION PROJECTS including:

  • An update on projects updates approved as part of the Australian Power Institute (API) & Energy Networks Australia Asset Management Committee Innovation Framework.

  • Sharing of current outcomes and learnings between innovation project teams to identify synergies between projects (and also avoid duplication between projects).

  • Providing forum to identify potential improvement opportunities through review by other industry and university representatives

  • Promotion of university research capabilities to industry (particularly through participation and exhibition).​

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  1. MANAGEMENT OF VOLTAGES IN LV NETWORKS - Aims to develop a flexible modelling tool for LV networks using network data readily available within the associated distribution network service providers (DNSPs).

  2. CONDUCTOR CONDITION MONITORING - Investigates how to effectively monitor and assess the condition of overhead conductors for improved asset management in Australian distribution networks.

  3. QUANTIFYING EXTREME BUSHFIRE CONSEQUENCES - Aims to identify a standardized method for accurately assessing the potential costs of a bushfire by combining fire simulations with economic and decision analyses.

  4. SOLAR ENABLEMENT INITIATIVE (SEI) - Trials a new state estimation algorithm that estimates the networks’ operational conditions in seven medium voltage distribution feeders in QLD, VIC, TAS to increase penetration of PV.

  5. UQ TRANSFORMER INNOVATION CENTRE (TIC) - Focuses on the asset management of power transformers in the modern electrical network while applying innovative research and industry experience to assist members' operations.


Announcement of Initiative

Project Update June 2018

Project Update December 2018

September 2019 - Post Energy Industry Innovation Summit

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